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The Orange Partnership - Taking the pain out of cost reimbursable and target cost construction contracts

We know that our clients want smooth running and successful contracts and to:

They need to be confident that they are:

Over the past ten years we have provided advice and support on £55billion of cost reimbursable and target cost contracts, helping our clients to recover more than £100million in overcharges and paying for ourselves, on average, ten times over.  Using our unique concentration of expertise we bring confidence and transparency to our clients that:

Clients can rely on our advice as we are independent.  We don't work for contractors or for other consultancies and can express our opinions free from any constraints driven by conflicts of interest.

To find out how we can help you to avoid the pain of overcharges, unnecessary commercial risks and preventable disputes, call us now on 020 8898 6447.

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My mate Nobby would take his dad along when he wanted to buy a car.  And Nobby's dad would bring his hammer.

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